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I want to thank you for putting together one of the most useful and enlightening tools I have come across in my 31 years as a painting contractor. Although I have taken business classes and personally written a number of cost analysis programs our company has used since 1985, YOUR COST CENTER has greatly simplified our approach and I am sure it helped us survive last year and keep our 20 plus men "on the job". I am fortunate to have two sons who want to continue our "family business" and YOUR COST CENTER will continue to be a part of our future growth.
Ronald W. Lyvers  Suburban Painting
As a business coach and consultant, I am a big believer in the concept of “what you can measure, you can manage”. Your Cost is a great tool for contractors that helps them to calculate what they really need to charge per hour to recover their variable and overhead costs. Too many contractors look at what others are charging, or use some general calculation rather than evaluating their own company’s numbers. Your Cost is an easy to use web-based program that helps business owners pinpoint their own cost per hour accurately, enabling them to set their prices appropriately to achieve their profit target.
Linnea Blair, CEO  Advisors On Target
“With yourcostcenter I was able to figure out that I have been under charging by 0.71c/hour. With ten employees that adds up to $14,768.00 per year!”
Seacrest Painting, LLC – Mystic, CT  Brenda Harvey
Dear Mr. Drucks: After almost a year saying I could not use your product, I finally signed on and completed my profile. I immediately found value with the product. I realized two things. First my billing rate has to be raised and second I can not grow my company with the current amount of labor I have. I always set my sales goals based on last year’s numbers. Now, I will base my sales goals on how many hours of labor I can sell with my current staff. is a must have tool if you are in any type of service industry. This has been the best tool I have used on my business in years. Thank you very much Mr. Drucks, you really helped me out.
Mr. Pete Bredlau Jr.  President/Owner Quality Service Associates, Inc.
You may think you know the numbers you need to see the profit you're looking for. With Yourcostcenter, I was able to easily see my expenses, (some that were just assumed) and how they affect the bottom line. With its easy interface I was able to make adjustments as needed. As a small business owner, I can say "peace of mind" is achieved with Yourcostcenter. Thank You,
Aaron Wallace  Integrity Finishes of Tampa Bay Inc.
One of the biggest problems that I have encountered in the finish trades is contractors having no idea what to charge for their services. I wish I had a buck for every time I was asked the question: "what is the going rate?". Brian has done a tremendous service to the trades by introducing this software, allowing virtually anyone to be able to arrive at a viable working rate that will help keep them in a profitable business!
Harry Carter  Carter School of Estimating
I am a certified tax preparer with the State of California as well as a Quickbooks Pro-Advisor and operate from a home-based office. Several small business owners have hired me to fully manage their bookkeeping/payroll/tax related needs. The costcenter program is proving extremely valuable in helping them to determine and understand what their hourly billing rate should be as well as experiment just what their potential profit could be with some adjustments, etc. I especially like the fact that I can plug in certain items they are considering (new purchases, addt'l employees, etc.) to determine the impact they will have on bottom line. It has been extremely easy to use - and I am glad I stumbled onto it!! Because of You - I look more like a genius everyday!!
Tina-Marie Perez  TMP Bookkeeping Services
“You’ve always been so helpful, and continued following up repeatedly with me. I have recently gotten out of the bucket (about halfway anyway) and am now focusing more time and energy on the business side of things. is playing an important role now more so than ever.”
Adam Austin  AA Quality Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC
Recently, I bid on a large job and had the confidence of accurate pricing and knowing my costs thanks to Signing up for the service and entering my info was a lot easier than I had feared. A great service for anyone in the service business.
Richard Brill  President is the easiest system we have used to evaluate labor & overhead in all facets of our business. Knowing down to the penny what that foremen's raise will cost you or the new piece of machinery true costs to your business really are. The system not only calculates what to charge, but what to spend. gives us the confidence from a selling and purchasing standpoint daily. Knowing your true overhead is knowing your true profits.
John Ahern  President Ahern Painting
“Construction Peer Group Management Corporation manages the PDCA Peer Groups. One of the needs we had was to identify an easy to use software package that helped our peer group members accurately calculate their real costs. Yourcostcenter was the perfect solution. It was introduced to our members and the software has opened their eyes to actually what is going on inside of their business in terms of cost. I highly recommend it for residential and commercial painting companies.”
Ronald A. McKenzie  CEO – Construction Peer Group Corporation
As the Director of Marketing, Sales and Development for the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America), I am always on the lookout for innovative tools and products to bring to our members. I have seen first hand, through our Fast Track program, how can help our members understand and control their costs and establish accurate billing rates that will insure growth and profit for it’s users. I can without hesitation recommend
Richard Bright  Director of Marketing, Sales, & Development (PDCA)
Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied I am with Even if you think you know your hourly rate, YourCostCenter gets you to it, more accurate and faster than gathering all the info, and doing it yourself. It's an investment that saves time, which is money!
Doug Grube  Grube Decorating, Inc.
This program has proved to be a valuable tool in setting pricing based on cost, verses a feeling of what the market will allow. After 20 years in business, I'm finally comfortable knowing that my rate adequately covers my overhead.
Joseph Spinella  President, Spinella Electrical Contracting
“Clearly defining my hourly cost, gave us a clear picture of what we needed to charge our customers. Were we making money on our accounts or just keeping busy? Your Cost has become our inexpensive, virtual CFO. The program is simple to use and provided the ability to forecast profitability without the huge investment in accounting fees.”
Jerry Smith  Dial Pest Control
“I was thrilled to find that the software is easy to use and provides accurate calculations of the hourly cost of employees inclusive of overhead” said Bruce Baron, CPA of Baron & Company, LLP. “I use it to calculate the cost of providing services in conjunction with proposals to prospective clients. I am recommending this product to my clients”.
Bruce Baron  Baron & Co.
In my former career as a CPA I used to do cost studies for our clients (what we called them so we could charge more). They were similar to but on paper and the they were for one point in time (a static model). After using for my painting business, I find it be very easy to set up and use. My ROI in the last 6 months has been in the thousands. I can instantly change the number of painters, number of vacation days and, more importantly, my salary (or any other variable) and it INSTANTLY updates my cost per hour so I know what I need to charge in order to make money. My only regret is that I did not try it sooner. My wife and family appreciate it as well. I am spending 1/100 of the time messing with numbers as I was before YOURCOSTCENTER, so I can spend more time with my family. Thank you I only wish you had created it earlier in my painting career then maybe I would already be retired from it.
Michael O'Brien, CPA  President, PaintTek Quality Painting, Inc.