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If you operate a service business, there is nothing more important than the cost of labor. Not only must your labor costs be affordable, but it is also vital that the price of your services covers your labor costs sufficiently to earn you a healthy profit.

If it does not, you will find yourself making up the difference with your own labor! Unfortunately, long hours and low pay are too common among business owners. If you poll small business owners across this nation, you will find that most of them are busy - in fact too busy.

Ready for a shock? Use our calculator and see what even a small miscalculation can cost you each year.
Our average client had miscalculated their labor costs by $3-5 per hour. To see what this miscalculation would cost your company, enter your number of employees and hit calculate.
Number of Employees:  
Miscalculation per hour:
Example ($3.00)

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As the Director of Marketing, Sales and Development for the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America), I am always on the lookout for innovative tools and products to bring to our members. I have seen first hand, through our Fast Track program, how can help our members understand and control their costs and establish accurate billing rates that will insure growth and profit for it’s users. I can without hesitation recommend
Richard Bright, Director of Marketing, Sales, & Development (PDCA)