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If you operate a service business, there is nothing more important than the cost of labor. Not only must your labor costs be affordable, but it is also vital that the price of your services covers your labor costs sufficiently to earn you a healthy profit.

If it does not, you will find yourself making up the difference with your own labor! Unfortunately, long hours and low pay are too common among business owners. If you poll small business owners across this nation, you will find that most of them are busy - in fact too busy. But you will also learn that many of them are not realizing enough revenue from their efforts and are also stealing time from their families and personal lives because of the demands of their business.

Know Your Labor Costs

The first goal of every service business owner is to get business. But the next objective is to set prices that are competitive, but that assure adequate profitability. If you want to set your prices accordingly you first have to answer the question: "How much does it cost me to deliver my services?"

Can you answer that question? Most can't. But now, by using our powerful software, you will be able to determine the rate structure that works best for you. It's fast, it's easy and it's customized to your business.

See For Yourself

If you asked your CPA to analyze all of your cost factors (labor, taxes, holidays, etc) and come up with pricing guidelines it would cost you over $700 - and many accountants don't even offer this service. Now you can do it yourself simply by signing up for YourCostCenter. The cost is less than $18.00 per month! If you are like most of our clients, our program will end up saving you thousands each year. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you aren't satisfied with our product, we'll refund your money. Click here to get started.